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USR Products & Services

Multi-Lateral Re-Entry Services

MLRS is a service that is provided to re-enter wells that have been completed with multi-laterals or fishbones. Often, laterals require stimulation or water shut-off. Our system locates the junction or window, is oriented to the desired direction, and then lowered to exit the motherbore and enter the target leg. Surveys are taken to confirm exit.

Project Planning and Mangement Services

Our teams of Drilling and Project Engineers have supported our customers’ drilling operations in the US, Europe, Asian Sub-Continent, SE Asia, Middle East and West Africa.  Our services include well design, programming and well site supervision. From candidate evaluation and selection through completion design, we are there to support you.


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Snake Screen™

Articulated Wire Wrapped Screen - Snake Screen™
The Snake Screen™ is the only articulated and rotatable sand screen technology available to the oil and gas industry. It is the only sand screen capable of negotiating the extreme radius of curvatures of USR wellbores.

The distinct advantage of the Snake Screen™ is that it can be rotated without damage to the outer screen jacket. Rotation prevents frictional lockup when attempting to reach target depth in horizontal wellbores. Sand screens are installed in oil and gas wells as a means to exclude loose sand and other solids’ particles from the produced hydrocarbon stream. Solids control is critical to prolonging the life of many oil and gas wells.

Without proper solids control, a well can plug off resulting in a reduced or complete loss of production. Controlling solids across the producing formation reduces the downtime and operating costs of a well by helping to prevent damage to downhole pumps and surface equipment. SnakeScreen™ is protected by a worldwide patent and trademark.