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Ultra Short Radius Drilling Concept

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What Is USR?

By definition, Build or Curve section of USR wells have a Build Up Rate (BUR) of between 100° and 250°/ 100 ft, or a Radius of Curvature (ROC) between 25 and 57 ft. Long Radius or conventional horizontal wells, for example, have BUR of about 4°/100 ft., or an ROC of close to 1,475 ft. USR Drilling Services is the exclusive provider of USR drilling technology.
USR chart

What is USR Concept?

Concept chart

Applications for USR Wells

USR is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for a variety of applications, including:

  • Sidetracks from vertical wells in tightly spaced fields
  • Sidetracks from vertical wells to avoid water coning
  • Sidetracks from vertical wells below pressurized gas cap
  • Sidetracks from vertical wells with near wellbore damage
  • Sidetracks into channel sands with surrounding shale
  • Exploitation of attic oil from a vertical or horizontal wells
  • Exploitation of low producing vertical or horizontal wells
  • Exploitation of slim hole vertical or horizontal wells
  • Sidetracks from water injectors to increase injection rates and improve sweep efficiency
  • Increases of injectivity and deliverability gas storage reservoirs





USR V/S Conventional Wells

USR Historical Milestones